"With our skilled, caring and passionate professionals, Brinda’s has succeeded in building a faithful clientele over the years."

Brinda Raj

Our Journey

Our Team

Brinda Raj

As the founder and key stylist, Brinda is the most Experienced and Skilled beautician at our Salon. Brinda is also our Salon’s go-to, on-call makeup artist. She specializes in flawless, natural makeup, while at the same time accentuating her client’s best features. Brinda brings a fresh, instinctive approach to creating a polished and natural aesthetic. She always makes sure that each client’s beauty radiates from the inside out.

Lily Gomes

Lily is bubbly, cheerful and naughty. Her presence emanates a positive and light atmosphere at Brinda’s. She is a skilled hairdresser, well-versed with current and contemporary trends. Lily works efficiently and effectively ensuring a delighted customer.


Ashwini is an integral part of the Brinda’s Salon and Spa family, she has been so for 8 years. Ashwini is a passionate and talented Massage Therapist and Beautician. Her warm and welcoming attitude is always directed towards the goal of helping each customer with all their specific needs and ensuring that they are completely content with the service at Brinda’s.

Jenny Diamari

Jenny is a dedicated massage therapist and an extremely talented beautician. She is always available at a moment’s notice, pampering the client with her amazing skills as a massage technician. Jenny’s specific skillsets help the client in revitalizing and recovering from a hard day’s work, relieving all their stress.


Henry is a talented hairdresser and stylist. As a specialist in our men’s section at Brinda’s, he keeps up with contemporary hairstyles and current trends. His friendly and positive nature is always a welcoming sight at Brinda’s.